Switzerland Scenery

By Megan Ball 

Switzerland is one of those special places where I just don’t know enough words to properly describe how beautiful and wonderful a country it is. On my last trip to Switzerland I was brought to tears at the beauty of the Verzasca Valley and actually said out loud “I don’t understand how this place is even real” whilst taking in the view from atop Mt. Stanserhorn in the Lake Lucerne region. The scenery is stunning, the air is clean, the food is delicious – I could go on and on, and these words don’t even do the country justice to how truly magnificent a destination it really is. Switzerland is a great choice for independent travelers due to its efficient and easy-to-use public transportation system, as well as its great diversity. In one country you can areas that are distinctly different from one another in their language, scenery, architecture, and food. I am so excited to give you a sneak peek at three new Regional Highlights we’ll be offering in 2018 that highlight the diversity of Switzerland.

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